Stony Brook IEEE student branch is an educational and well developed organization for students to pursue their dreams in becoming a well skilled professional engineer.  Our goal is to spread the knowledge of theory and support undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in Electrical and Computer Science Engineering with field related resources. We gather students and professors together in order to help members to establish a better understanding in this field and provide academic opportunities. We ensure our branch will provide you with many alternative events and workshops on campus and off campus for you to succeed in your career.  We hope these activities will bring both entertainments and benefits to our members here at Stony Brook University.

Mission Statement:
 “IEEE’s core purpose is to foster technological innovations and excellence for the benefit of humanity.”

We are among one of the 2,669 student branches at colleges/universities around 80 countries in the world, also included in the 922 students branch chapters of IEEE technical societies.  In fact, this organization is currently occupied by more than 120,000 students members and more than 1,671 projects are currently under development nationwide.

Checkout IEEE official website: https://www.ieee.org/index.html


What is IEEE?

IEEE is pronounced “eye-triple-e”, stands for Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This association is one of the world’s largest technical professional organization.  Bringing together members from all over the world for networking opportunities, advancement in career development, acquiring benefits, and much more.

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