Spring Semester 2015

The Innovation Lab has had a successful first semester. Students and faculty from all different Stony Brook majors came together to use the Innovation Lab for team collaborations, workshops and brainstorming.

We started the semester with an Open House that generated lots of buzz about the lab. The Open House was attended by several professors, student groups and classes. Wolfie Seawolf even stopped by to take some green screen pictures with the attendees. As a part of our partnership with Society of Women Engineers and Community outreach we helped to bring the Girl Scouts of America to the lab. They got an introduction of our goals and utilized our green screen, whiteboard walls, and Arduinos.

Throughout the semester, we had the pleasure of hosting numerous senior engineering design projects including our very own Samiha Shakil’s project, in which she created an atmospheric water generator that collects water from the humid air in an enviornment .  Jessica Cruz worked with a team to develop a food waste processor.  Ian Rippy also used the lab to create a coffee maker that does not need electricity.  Another student was utilizing the lab to create a mat that has a meter to display the proper pressure to put on the dummy’s chest to better educate CPR techniques.  The different resources and tools have been used by students of all majors to create intriguing and inspiring projects.
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Emily Beattie, a professor in the Dance department, used the vinyl cutter to create costumes for her performance “Explorations on a Live Wire.”Image Today, 6-21-48 AM

The lab’s 3D printer has been a big hit with those on the Stony Brook campus. Every week there are countless requests for 3D prints. Students can learn about the 3D printer through lab orientation and the 3D workshop. Morgan Kelly, an engineering student, even printed the parts of a toy car and used Little Bit circuits to get it to move.
Img-100IMG_2086 (2)

The Lab offered several workshops throughout the semester. Some of these workshops included Lego Mindstorm, Marketing Yourself, presented with American Marketing Association, LED Rose Building and Intro to the Arduino, hosted by IEEE’s president. All the workshops presented in the Innovation Lab were successful in educating the community.

The Innovation Lab has been a place for many different projects to develop. People to collaborate and projects to innovate. The Innovation lab is excited to grow next semester. We will continue to encourage students and faculty to bring their projects, teams and ideas to the lab.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” – George Bernard Shaw

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