The Innovation Lab is a space on campus where students, from all majors, can come to create, build, learn, and network.


The Lab has a ton of free resources–ranging from wrenches, wire, to CAD software and a Green Screen–that all Stony Brook students have access to; some of our most notable tools are our 3D printers, Vinyl Cutter, Silk Screen, graphics and programming software, littleBits, Arduino,and virtual reality devices (for more information on all of the items we have in the lab, click the Tools and Resources

tab above).


Throughout the semester,  we will be hosting a variety of workshops that will cover how to use various tools in the lab, elements of entrepreneurship, how to create a brand, and many others. We are open to suggestions if anyone has a workshop or competition they would like to see put into action.


If you have an idea you want to create, a class project you can use some of our tools for, or even a desire to just try out some new technology, come to Harriman 210!



The Innovation Lab





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