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Cancer Technology, Innovative and Life Saving

Jorge Soto, a cancer technologist, tells the story of his own family struggles with cancer. He is developing a simple, noninvasive and  open-source test that looks for early signs of cancer. Soto explains that often the determination between life and death with cancer is ‘how early it is caught?’ The test is available on a mobile platform making it not only innovative but,  accessible. At the end of the TED Talk, Soto debuts his working prototype for the first time.

Thank You MakerBridge!

Makerspace Maps


Dale Grover of Maker Works in Ann Arbor says that a makerspace is

We would like to thank MakerBridge for including us in their community by listing the Innovation Lab on their website. We are the only institution in Long Island to be featured! Founded by Sharona Ginsberg, an alumna of University of Michigan School of Information; MakerBridge is a community that welcomes all markers. However, it focuses on showcasing and helping librarians, teachers and other educators.

Check out MakerBridge for information on additional makerspaces, upcoming maker fairs and more. 


First Workshop of the Year; Maker Mentality!

Come September 2nd, between the 1-2:20 pm in Harriman 210 (The Innovation Lab), to the Innovation Lab’s first workshop of the Fall 2015 semester!

This is the Maker Mentality workshop, and it will inform all attendants on what exactly it means to be a maker, the tools and resources needed to get started, the various ways in which the Maker Movement is impacting the modern world, and the cool, interesting ways in which you can get started here at the lab!

The Maker Movement is a movement that combines entrepreneurial spirit with modern technology. This movement accounts for approximately 28 million small businesses and the creation of 8 million new jobs in the U.S.

Maker’s use technology to help make everyday living simpler and more efficient, create new boundaries for the uses of modern technology, start up new businesses, and most importantly, use their imagination as fuel for innovation.

Here is a nice graphic with some information about the Maker Movement:


During the workshop we will provide information on the resources we and others can offer to get started in the maker community, such as: Maker festivals, events, meetups, etc.

The Innovation Lab from its opening has put much effort into networking in the local maker community, and will help you get your foot in the door.

Make sure to come September 2nd!

3D Printed Replacement Shell Saves A Tortoise’s Life

In Santos, São Paulo, Brazil, a Red-Footed Tortoise (Chelonoidis carbonaris) named Fred, received a 3D printed replacement shell, in order to replace the shell he lost during a recent forest fire.



To fix this issue, the good-natured and tech savvy veterinarians of Santos decided that they would use 3D printing technology to create a new shell for Fred!

The veterinarians in Santos teamed up with a dentist and a graphical designer and worked for three months to come up with a shell that would protect and cover Fred, as good as his original shell.


The shell was printed with the same PLA material found on most 3D desktop printers and was surgically attached to Fred. So far it has been holding up well, but researchers are still uncertain how long it will hold up in the wild.

For now the shell has been left its original white color, but Brazilian artists have been contacting Fred’s veterinarians in order to see if they can paint it the same colors of his original shell. At this time the veterinarians are still trying to figure out if the paint would be harmful or not.

Hopefully all works out for Fred! This story is an excellent example of just how versatile and helpful 3D printing technology can be.



I-Lab Featured in Stony Brook Happenings

Last Friday, July 31st, 2015, Stony Brook Happenings, an online newsletter covering events, updates, and various information concerning Stony Brook University, wrote an article on our being featured in InnovateLi!





The article on Stony Brook Happenings can be found here.


The article covers what we are doing in the lab, have done, and will be doing here in the near future. Be sure to give it a gander!

We hope to be featured somewhere new soon!



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