Inside Stony Brook University’s Innovation Lab, Where 3D Printers Are Creating Medical Devices Of The Future

Medical Daily, a website which covers the latest health news, scientific trends, and medical information, featured the Innovation Lab in an article. They highlighted the  medical devices that are being printed in the lab. Some of these devices include the prosthetic arm printed by lab intern Ellie Evans, over the summer, and Akshay Asok, the Innovation Lab’s technical lead, even printed out ear prosthesis, that amplify hearing.

Asok goes on to discuss the financial benefits for 3D printing medical devices, especially prosthesis. Lab member, Paul Phillipsberg, even discusses the brain wave technology he is working with,. His goal for this technology  is to make a drone fly perfectly with it. Yes, he wants to fly a drone using just his brain. 

3D printing holds many benefits for the future, especially to advance medicine.  Asok even touches on what else can be done with 3D printed prosthesis and brain wave technology.

Read the full article here. 


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