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An Innovative Alliance

The Gilman Brothers Company, a North American manufacturer of foam board products, and Zünd, the lead manufacture in cutting systems, have combined innovation with strategic business. They created a symbiotic relationship, and at the center of this relationship is the G3 Zünd digital cutter. The G3 Zünd  digital cutter is innovative for two distinct reasons; it can adapt to ever-changing cutting needs while maintaining exceptional quality and it has 24/7 operational use.

The G3 Zünd digital cutter.

The Gilman Brothers installed the G3 Zünd digital cutter at their new Customer Experience Center. This can help Gilman Brothers test a variety of materials at all times of the day adding value by offering immediate responses for customer needs. It even makes international business easier by providing flexibility for designers in different countries.

The Zund G3 2500 at the Gilman Brothers Customer Experience Center (CEC).


Zünd’s vinyl cutter is highly beneficial to Gilman Brothers but,Zünd gets something out of this relationship too. Zünd gets to reach out to a new customer base on the East coast. They have a location where they can demonstrate their latest product and a facility to better serve existing clients. This partnership makes creating any type of signage possible.



New Developments in 3D Printing Food

The “Foodini,” as it’s called, isn’t too different from a regular 3D printer, but instead of printing with plastics, it deploys edible ingredients squeezed out of stainless steel capsules.

Researchers are working on ways to use 3D printing to produce food. Currently, most work is being done in chocolate and sugar but the innovation foreshadows great things for the future of food production. Food created from a 3D printer can be used for things such as wedding cake toppers, easily chewable and customized nutrition, sustainable foods and cocktail garnishes. This is just the beginning of what 3D printed food can become as time passes!

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Dog runs for the first time, thanks to 3D printed legs.

We have all seen 3D printers being used to make replacement limbs for humans, but Derby, a dog born without his two front legs, is the first animal to be successfully outfitted with 3D-printed prosthetics.

Derby was adopted by Tara Anderson, who works for a 3D printing company called 3D Systems. She teamed up with animal orthotist, Derrick Campana and several design attempts later, they finally settled on an oval-tread shape, designed to fit Derby’s unique anatomy.

Youtube / 3D Systems

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