Persian Cookbook

Persian Cookbook

Eating at home is a way to get healthy and eat fresh and useful foods, but what drives us all out to eat and use industrial foods is the limit on the number of foods we can make; Facing a variety of foods will make cooking even more enjoyable. Cooking, on the other hand, is always more than just a household item and is a kind of creativity. For this simple reason, this delicious art helps a lot to warm the home and bring peace. Having one or more cookbooks in the library helps greatly to improve our cuisine and variety.

Persian Cookbook From Garlic to Onion by Najaf Daryabandari – Two Volumes


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If you haven’t seen the cookbook, your idea of a cookbook is something with multiple recipes, usually a one-page recipe describing each recipe’s conversion process and possibly some tricks to make every meal better. Such a book usually has an introduction that no one reads, and a little bit of background information that some look at the first time they bought the book. Cooking from garlic to onions differs from all other cookbooks in that it differs from other cookbooks in its author. Najaf is not the cook who writes the book, he is the author who cooks. In the preface to his cookbook, he considers cooking to be a culture and looks at the kitchen and table from the cultural window, which makes the cookbook something beyond all the cookbooks we’ve seen and heard. The best thing to say about the book is Najaf Daryabandari’s own book, he writes in his book: “The first thing a dear reader should know is that no one cooks by reading a cookbook, but the second is that no cook and no one will dream of cooking.” There is no need for a cookbook. ”

SanazSania Persian Cuisine Encyclopedia by Sanaz Minai

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This book is the experience of 5 years of author’s trips to different parts of Iran. In this book we find the names of foods that we may not have heard of before. According to the cover description, this work is “a comprehensive book containing 2 main recipes and 2 subcategories. The authors intend to publish this book, preserving the food culture and promoting traditional Iranian foods, thereby preventing the culture from fading away and promoting and replacing the foods of the nations. In addition to a complete overhaul of the food recipes, a section titled Sanaz Sanya has also been featured in the series, with major changes to the use of raw materials.

This set includes breakfast, jam, marmalade, appetizer, coco, dumplings, cutlets, cabbage, meatballs, soups and shakes, soups, espresso, delicacies, barbecues, plates, stews, miscellaneous recipes, seasonings, pickles and salty drinks . ”The Sanazansia Art Institute of Culture has released this collection in glazed and colored sheets and is available to those interested. This two-volume set contains glossy pages, and all commands contain color photos and are published with exquisite printing and binding. The present collection attempts to revive the authentic culinary culture of Iran and its relatives that are dying out in the face of today’s changing style. This reference book, in addition to a complete overhaul of the dietary guidelines, also provides a section on major and fundamental changes in how raw materials are used.

The Art of Vegetarian Cooking by Bozorgmeid

The Persian Cookbook of Vegetarian Cooking Art by Bozorgmeidi

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A vegetarian diet has many health benefits. In a healthy eating pattern, it is recommended to get the most calories you need from your diet. In edible pyramids, approximately 5% to 5% is devoted to cereals and 5% to 5% to fruits, vegetables and sauces. The smaller portion consists of fresh, low-fat cheese, eggs, milk and dairy, and the next portion is made up of meats. Therefore, it can be said that in all dietary guidelines it is recommended that most of the nutrients intake be from plant nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are important in the diet, and those who consume vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, especially whole grains, are healthier people.

On the other hand, eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and skins and consuming less processed meats reduces the risk of cancer. It will also increase fitness and prevent obesity and cardiovascular disease. A vegetarian diet can cause weight loss, especially when consuming a lot of meat and fat. On the other hand, we are tired of eating meat, but we do not know many vegetarian foods. This book is a collection of various recipes that are made without meat. Iran.

Pomegranates and roses by my family’s cooking recipes by Ariana Bondi
Book by Ariana Bondi, My Iranian Family Cooking Recipes

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Ariana Baidie, author of The Book of Pomegranates and Roses, is the only Iranian to perform on the National Geographic Network. Baidu wrote the book “Pomegranates and Red Roses” in English, and Sam Gharibian translated the book into Persian and entered the book market by Roosevelt Publishing. In her book, Adriana Baidie has taught herself to cook Iranian food in a completely new and unique way. Each recipe has a story in it, stories that come from the Ariana family but the audience feels close to it.

Ariana Bondi, a Dubai-based American-Iranian chef, has done what many cooks and cookbook writers have long said: playing a role in a travel and cooking series. The show comes out three years after the publication of her cookbook, Pomegranates and Roses: How to Cook Food in My Award-winning Iranian Family. In her first television program, produced on a personal budget and using local filmmakers in Iran, she travels around the country eating and eating to rediscover this cultural heritage.

Quick and easy Persian Cookbook

A quick and easy 3-volume Persian Cookbook collection for optimal publishing

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Many of us do not have much time to cook during the week, modern life does not take much time to spend in the kitchen. Easy and Easy Cookbook Collection Solves This Problem This book is special and valuable to those who do not have enough time to cook but who love food, healthy eating and have a curious taste. Each book contains 2 sections and each The section contains seventy-four recipes that are categorized by the most-consumed food in the world or the most popular international cuisine.

In addition to the ingredients and ingredients, each recipe includes pictures of the cooking process, along with an image of how the food is served, and each recipe contains a nutritional value table that tells you the calorie content of the food.

A quick and easy cookbook collection including teaching traditional cakes, biscuits, chocolates, desserts, soups, potato dishes, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean, spicy foods, vegetarians, rice and pies. Chicken, fish, kebabs, and grilled foods.

Iranian Cuisine Damiz by Nasser Zahmatkesh and Reza Babakhanloo
Persian Cooking Book Damiz by Nasser Zahmatkesh and Reza Babakhanloo

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The great Iranian cuisine school is full of extraordinary features that have evolved over centuries. Iranians have long been highly skilled in using seasonal and local herbs as feed or even to meet medical and medicinal needs. These skills have been and will remain generation after generation until today. In addition to studying the history of Iranian cuisine and its differences with other countries, the authors of the Iranian cookbook teach the recipe of the most popular Iranian dishes such as: Burani kangar, barley mash with mushrooms, rice pie, barbecue with chicken, broth, giggie, barbecue … And all kinds of desserts and jams, considering the nutritional value of different ingredients.