Call for Papers

Scaling OpenMP for Exascale Performance and Portability


All topics related to OpenMP are of interest, including OpenMP performance analysis and modeling, OpenMP performance and correctness tools, proposed OpenMP extensions, and OpenMP applications in any domain (e.g., scientific and numerical computation, video games, computer graphics, multimedia, information retrieval, optimization, text processing, data mining, finance, signal and image processing and machine learning).

Advances in technologies, such as multi-core processors and OpenMP devices (accelerators such as GPGPUs, DSPs or FPGAs), Multiprocessor Systems on a Chip (MPSoCs), and recent developments in OpenMP itself (e.g., devices) present new opportunities and challenges for software and hardware developers. Recent advances in the C, C++ and Fortran base languages also offer interesting opportunities and challenges to the OpenMP programming model. IWOMP 2017 particularly solicits submissions in these areas as well as ones that discuss how to apply OpenMP to additional models of parallelism such as event loops.

Paper Submission

Submitted papers for review should be limited to 12 pages and follow LNCS guidelines.

Submission deadline is April 28, 2017 (AOE). Submit your paper to: IWOMP 2017 @ EasyChair.

Authors of accepted papers will be asked to prepare a final paper of up to 15 pages. As in previous years, IWOMP 2017 will publish formal proceedings of the accepted papers in Springer Verlag’s LNCS series.

OpenMPCon Submission

Submission information for OpenMPCon can be found here.