Changes in purchases at SBU

Buh, bye B&N.  Hello Amazon.

So – we no longer have a Barnes and Nobles as the campus bookstore.  Instead Amazon Prime has become the official campus provider with it’s own SBU storefront.  (Where you already using Amazon for your textbooks?  Comment below.)

One notable exception to purchasing through Amazon (for now) – you should get your student response clickers via your Turning Technologies account.  This will get you a better price and the four year license.  Login to this account inside Blackboard under Tools or go directly to  Be sure to use your SBU email address if you are setting up a new account.


Official Stony Brook textbooks

When you search for your books on Amazon, we’ve marked those required and recommended by your professors for specific courses.


Free Package Pickup

Your package will be safely waiting for you at our future location on campus. Prime Members get Free One-Day Pickup.

Hassle-free returns

Drop off your items at our future on-campus location.

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