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3D Virtualization App for Mac and Windows explained

This is a tutorial put together by Anna Sklyarova, one of the students in TLT. This is to demonstrate getting an object into a virtual space where you could then share the object with your online cohort.

We offer this as a service to instructors, or you can do it yourself with these free tools as shown above.

3D Curation for your Class

Are there objects that you want your students to closely observe from all sides, that you can’t easily just let them hold – maybe due to rarity, fragileness, general access issues… but that you personally have access to? Are there objects that would be better understood with that access, either from a 3d video model or a 3d printed model?  Accomplishing this type of project and putting these objects within reach of your students is probably easier than you imagine.

Watch this video and let your brain percolate.  Though this video shows the process from a desktop machine, the 123d Catch software can be run from a common ipad or iphone as well.


Let us know if you want some help with this kind of project!