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Kickstarter – Oculus Rift – Facebook

“Meanwhile, there seems to be an obvious question of economic justice here. The original Kickstarter backers of Oculus Rift might not have been explicitly granted shares in the company, but the company wouldn’t exist without their initial contribution. About 10,000 people gave Oculus $2.5m between them. I for one am struggling to think of a good reason why each of them shouldn’t get a proportional share of that $2bn sale.” — Steven Poole, The Guardian

I recently wrote a blog piece on the Creation Renaissance.  One day I tweeted about it and the next day I posted about it on Facebook.  I would have guessed that the Facebook posting would have generated more views, but for all three; pageviews, visits and unique visitors, the tweet brought in slightly more people.  Of course there is some overlap of users, but I have to say that I don’t think there is a whole lot.