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TEDxSBU has given birth to a new TED talk!

screen shot of ted.com on day that robyn's talk is on it.
Robyn’s talk on the front page of TED.com


And what a great day  to do it!  Today is TED2015: Truth & Dare.  I went to the site page just to see if they had the stream for their conference running live, and there, highlighted on the front page is Robyn Stein Deluca’s talk. Re-edited with the famous TED drop sound and lower thirds indicating that it was originally filmed at TEDxSBU.

I couldn’t be prouder of Robyn and all of the Stony Brook University members that helped make our event a success!  Thank you all so much!

Link to her talk

Just to put this into some perspective… as of Nov 2014 there have been 50,000 TEDx Talks. (TEDxSBU is 43 of those) and of those 301 have been featured on TED.com. That means that only .6% go on to become TED talks.








TEDxSBU “Connect the Dots” 2014 presenter gallery.