Duane Michals Reflection

Duane Michals is a photographer who specializes in black and white images.  Many of his photographs are portraits.  However, I find his series to be the most intriguing and have decided to focus on them.  I find them to be interesting because he captures every day events in such an interesting way.

His first series that I chose to analyze is “Chance Meeting.”  The series depicts two well dressed gentlemen casually running into each other.  The idea behind the pictures is so mundane.  Yet, they are incredibly interesting to look at.  The quality of the images themselves are great.  However, that is not why they are so great to look at.  I believe that this lies within the subject matter.

The next piece I wish to analyze is called “Things are Queer.”  This piece begins with the same first and last image.  when looking at the images you can see that the title literally reflects the piece.  The first image is of a bathroom that seems pretty normal.  From the second picture onward it becomes abundantly clear that Michals is playing with the scale of his subject matter resulting in photographs that seem just a little off.  I find that this almost subtlety is what makes Michals work so great.