Nye Lab

Nye Lab, 2015

The Nye lab is focused on quantitative methods in fisheries ecology.  Our lab uses mathematical and statistical methods to study fish populations and marine and estuarine ecosystems.

We conduct research on a variety of issues in fisheries ecology, but our current research is focused on how climate variability and anthropogenic climate change affects marine ecosystems and fisheries. Past research examined shifts in spatial distribution of fish in response to warming water temperatures and fishing. Current research seeks to understand the mechanisms behind shifts in abundance and distribution in response to climate as well as how large scale climate variability (like the NAO and AMO) translates to more local oceanographic processes and how those processes influence North Atlantic ecosystems.  We work with climate scientists using global climate models to project changes in abundance and distribution of living marine resources.  We also conduct research  on the basic ecology and physiology of fishes in waters around Long Island. An important emphasis of our work is to look holistically at the many drivers of environmental change such that our research can be used to inform ecosystem-based management.


Dr. Janet Nye
Assistant Professor
107 Dana Hall
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-5000