College Education


Bachelor of Arts in Health Science, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook NY, degree expected: May 2019

  • Health Science Major: As a health science major at Stony Brook University, I am given the responsibility of choosing a concentration to focus on during my senior year. Having nursing school as my end game, I have decided to concentrate in emergency and critical care. I’ve had the opportunity to take a variety of courses, all of which have shown me the different dimensions of the health field. The courses I have taken for this major include Research Methods in Health Science, which allowed me to study cases of conflicts and ethics in the health field and Anatomy & Physiology which made me explore human anatomy and physiology and diseases.


  • Writing and Rhetoric Minor: In addition to being a health science major, I am also a writing and rhetoric minor. During the course of my minor, I have taken numerous classes that have allowed me to explore a variety of writing genres to gain a deeper understanding of communication and create an eportfolio which aided me in demonstrating my achievements for a professional environment. While fulfilling my minor I took several courses, some of which include Writing for your Profession, in which I studied writing in the professions and creating a professional portfolio and Writing your Personal Statement which helped me develop techniques on how to write about myself, on a personal level. 


  • Teaching Assistant: During my sophomore year, I was given the opportunity to TA HSQ 270: CPR, Health & Safety.  As a teaching assistant, I trained students in becoming CPR, BLS, and AED certified over the course of a semester. Along with this, I also educated students on the importance of basic life skills in dangerous situations. 


  • Awards and Honors: During my three years here at Stony Brook University, I have been on the Dean’s List for five consecutive semesters (Fall 2015-Spring 2017). 


  • Clubs & Organizations: I have been an active member of both Pre-Nursing Society (Fall 2015-present) and Global Medical Brigades (Fall 2017-present). Global Medical Brigades is a  volunteer organization whose mission is to provide sustained development to under-served communities throughout the world. As of now, I am currently planning to go on a medical brigade to Ghana in May 2018.