Video: February 5, 2016

Today is our first official snow day of the spring semester. Classes are cancelled and the snow has gracefully covered all of campus. I woke up to my 9AM alarm (latest I ever woke up all week) and opened my curtains to see snow coming down and people working hard to shovel the sidewalks for us students. That cathartic feeling that comes with seeing a fresh pure untouched sheet of snow and the sun shining so brightly is something that I felt today. It was a reminder of new beginnings. The internship is something that I consider as a new beginning. I have high expectations for myself and for the program. I am grateful for the people who have helped me to come this far, the faculty and peers that have encouraged me to try something new and believed in me as an applicant. I hope that I will be able to gain insight and experience on teamwork, customer service, and the ultimate purpose of being able to be fully equipped as a future leader. The TEDx video we watched on our first class was so powerful and insightful to me. I had never thought of labels as something that I could create for myself and was so surprised how blinded I could live by when I do not open my mind to the power of SELF. I believe there are great things in store for me if I really believe that I am capable of those great things. The video was a great source of strength to me and was empowering to hear. I wish to pass on these words of encouragement to those around me and exemplify the labels that I want to carry to those I ever cross paths with.


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