March 4, 2016

Guest Access and Printing

When someone requests for guest access printing, the first thing I must ask them is “Are you sponsored by one of our faculty?” If they are not, I must tell them that guest access has been stopped for our computer sites but I could try to put in an ITSM ticket for them. This is a new policy implemented to enhance safety and security within our school system.

Senior Consultant Interview Session Responsibilities

Senior consultants are responsible for evaluating the applicants and judging their potential. They must look for candidates that exhibit leadership skills is a team player and is eager to learn. Also, senior consultants are responsible for sharing their experiences and skills gained from being a consultant to the potential candidates.


Users who need to create a UNIX (Sparky) or Lotus Notes account must come to the Main Library Sinc Site. They will be directed to the accounts terminal and one of the senior consultants can guide them through a simple process. The accounts terminal can also be used to change SOLAR passwords.

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