April 15, 2016

This was the week of our practice presentations. We received tips and tricks from Tara and Richard on giving the most effective presentation and documentation. Here was some advice that we received:


–       Make background more user friendly

–       Need to make an introduction and introduce ourselves in a friendly way

–       Change website title, not just “Faculty Center”

–       Share a success story for one of the instructors

–     There was news of recent name change. Make sure you add all updates.

–       Possibly make a video with the faculty members.Bring in the personality of the staff in order to bring life into presentation.

–       Ask the director if she agrees with our written mission statement

–       Update staff list and remove nancy

–       Update the staff list- it’s possible that the website information is outdated

–       Symposium spelling correction

–       Use bullet points in mission statement

–       Define instructional design

–       How does anything we say relate to us as students?

–       Define difference between course evaluations and Classie

–       Incorporate student opinions

–       Master the material

–       Add S-BOLD: online learning tool

–       How do we as students directly benefit from the faculty center?

–       Get specific examples about how they taught/changed a specific instructors course

–       Grad students do a lot of the work in the faculty center- we should add that


–       Make sure the faculty list is up to date

–       Add images- maybe of a course evaluation

All in all, the advice we received was so beneficial to us. My group and I had struggled to relay certain pieces of information in the most effective way possible. It is definitely hard when you are making your first presentation but when you seek out advice from those with expertise in the field the criticism and compliments you will receive will improve your outcome by a hundredfold. As a future senior consultant I should try to reach out to those above me who want to help me be a better player in the field. The main goal of my presentation is to show students the maximal benefits of the resource I am trying to introduce to them. I must keep that in mind as I attempt to create an effective platform.

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