April 22, 2016



  • BlackBoard Issues
    • How do I add a student to my class?
    • Common questions:
      • Why isn’t my class showing up?
      • Direct blackboard questions to blackboard specialists
  • Projector Issues
    • Direct their call to AV services or give them the AV services phone number
    • Do not spend a long time diagnosing the problem, ask:
      • Did you plug everything in?
      • Are the cords tightly plugged in?
      • Are the cords right?


  • Common questions:
    • What is my NetID/Pw
    • How do I log into BlackBoard?
    • How do I log into Solar
    • I registered for a class today but its not on BlackBoard
    • How do I go onto my Stony Brook e-mail account
    • How do I print?
    • Remote printer sites ran out of paper

Side Information

  • Paul usually comes in after 11
  • Poster printing services on campus:
    • Stony Brook Medicine Media Services
    • Institute for STEM Education
    • Poster Printing services are available at the Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CESAME)
    • UPS

Prezi Workshop Shadowing:

  • Instructor was very informative and talked at a comfortable and easy-to-follow pace
  • She was very calm throughout the whole presentation and made sure to cover the details of all the functions that a user might have while using Prezi
  • The presentation was enjoyable because it was straight to the point and easy to follow along as a user
  • I presented a small part of the workshop and talked about how to add media and symbols onto Prezi
    • I think I did a decent job and tried to present clearly and at an understandable pace
    • When I finished my part, the instructor covered some details that I did not go over. I should always prepare myself to expand on the little details that are obvious to me because they may not be obvious to someone else.
    • I should also make sure to cover all the functions i.e. how to enlarge/reduce image size, YouTube videos will not work if put on a portable flash drive and presented with out internet, images come with enhancing/editing opportunities


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