May 6, 2016

Checking transactions:

A user says that he sent a print job to print on the color printer but it did not come out and the printer is perfectly fine, what should you do?

  1. Check user transactions to see that what they are telling you is accurate
  2. Go to pharos>systems>transactions and type in their netID
  3. You can see all their transactions:
    1. Omega Wolfie Wallet Track 1 Bank= wolfie wallet was used for the print job
    2. Omega Track 1 Bank= print quota was used
    3. Deleted Print= print job was deleted
  4. Inform user of what happened to his or her print job

In this case, the user accidentally deleted his print job and did not need a free reprint service from us.

Updating clicker software:

  1. Send user to TLL because that is the only place that provides clicker software updates
  2. Open laptop at the front desk and sign onto WolfieNet-Secure with own personal netID and pw
  3. Connect clicker
  4. Open TurningPoint program which is on desktop
  5. Make sure device is listed and then update software

This is not for the new clickers that have the full keyboard. Those clickers should update automatically.


This is officially the last week of classes and thus the last official week of the internship. Reflecting on the assignments we had to do such as the discussion posts, this reflection journal, and the final presentation project were great learning experiences. The final presentation gave me an idea of how I would do while I teach a workshop and showed me the strengths and weaknesses I had as a speaker. Also, it enhanced my ability to communicate with my future official team. It was also useful to learn from the other groups about the different services that we offer here.

This internship was a great experience and I have learned so much about what it means to be a leader by shadowing workshops, TLL, and the front desk. I hope to see our intern class grow into possibly one of the greatest Senior Consultant classes in TLT.

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