About Me

It was never a childhood dream or lifetime goal, but a path I chose despite all the obstacles. When I was young, I loved drawing and wanted to be an artist. As I grew older, I became fascinated with doctors, lawyers, and teachers, but I did not really know what I wanted to be. I attended a very large high school that allowed us to choose majors that we were interested in further pursuing. Not knowing what I really wanted, I chose a major called Gateway to Medicine. The major gave me an early introduction to the STEM field by giving me access to upper level science courses and introduced me to the field of biotechnology. When I was applying for college, I was conflicted with choosing either a biology related major or an engineering related major because I was interested in both fields. That was when I realized that there was actually a middle ground, biomedical engineering.

I am currently a senior in the accelerated masters program. After graduation, I plan to conduct research in a hospital because I really enjoy the atmosphere of everyone working towards helping others. The hospital will allow me to work closely with patients and have first hand knowledge of their needs. It serves as a personal motivation to see the improvement of a patient’s health with the research conducted. In addition, working at a hospital would also allow me to interact with doctors and serve their needs to provide the best health care to the patients. In the future, I hope to lessen the pain of the ones in need and provide aid for them to achieve a fast recovery.