Duane Michaels Reflection

Duane Michals Reflection

Duane Michals has redefined what a person can do with photography. I was constantly surprised and pleased with his photographs, and impressed with all of his ideas and compositions. For example, his series of photos with the model’s face looking out through a poster with things written about them. There is something perfect and exact with this photo. People often associate the identity of a person with their face, and thus all identifying information is then linked with the person’s face, very much like with an ID card. The opening sequence of images and video clips are also very intriguing and whimsical, and also pretty funny.

Michals also talks about trying to be original. He talks about how people try to imitate the work of previous successful artists instead of trying something new and finding success in that. I think this is a very important to know, not just for artists and people in the creative arts, but also scientists, economists, and politicians. If we constantly imitated past works, then little to no progress would be made, in any field. I think the success of a person is closely tied to how inventive they are. They should be curious and they should push the boundaries. Playing it safe by imitating others will only get you so far, and will not make you as successful as your predecessor ever was.

And while he was a great photographer and creative thinker, he also seems like a very sociable, and genuinely good person, who enjoys interacting and talking to people. I was surprised to see the relationship between Duane Michals and his models and friends. I really enjoyed watching his banter with one of his models, they seemed extremely close despite the fact that they likely had not been in contact with each other in 10 years. He reminds me of my own grandparents, as well as some older family friends.