Final Project

Stony Brook Scavenger Hunt

For this project, I wanted to show everyone what I liked about my school campus, and especially places or things that may not be very popular or well known. I also wanted to encourage people to explore the campus themselves, and find their own unique spaces. I start off with more well known areas or objects, and then move on to more and more obscure places/objects. All of these photos were taken on the main Stony Brook Campus, and anyone can go and find these places/things. But that being said, they won’t all be easy to find!

I was primarily inspired by Berenice Abbott’s Changing New York Project and Janelle Lynch’s Another Way of Looking at Love. Abbott took photos of many different places in New York City, and together they allow you to see the many parts of the city. I wanted to mimic what she did with New York, with the Stony Brook Campus. Janelle Lynch’s photos are so delicate and full of life. While many of my photos are of man made structures, I like to think that all of these things have a life and a story of their own to tell.

Rust (1/250s f/7.1 ISO 400)

I watch as they come and go, come and go

Chasing after trains and dreams

As the years pass by and the rust grows

I remain, by the side, unseen

Light (1/80s f/5.6 ISO 200)

Like the Sun above

We illuminate this space

Brining color and hope

To Jacob’s Center

Still (1/60s f/5.6 ISO 1600)

I came from the shores of Jersey

To stand in this Office

I may not be living any longer

At least your entrance grants you 4 years

Stacks (1/60s f/3.5 ISO 1600)

Here among the stacks you find

The greatest tale of courtly love

Between the knight and his lady

Sir Lancelot and Guinevere

Stone (1/60s f/5.6 ISO 1600)

Here in this secret garden

Where the drop of a pebble can be heard

Past the sweet jasmine flowers

And through the doors of glass

Mummy (1/250s f/7.1 ISO 200)

As the nights get colder

The mums wither away

Not that they had much of a life anyway

Living in the shadows of Einstein, Newton, and Bohr

Holly (1/125s f/5.6 ISO 200)

Brimming with cognitive biases

We write to a toy maker dressed in red

Even leave cookies out for no one to eat

But tradition is tradition, so Happy Holidays

Pipe & Ivy (1/125s f/9 ISO 200)

The ivy had spread across the wall

Behind the commerce building

Orange on the left

Red on the right

Stump (1/160s f/8 ISO 800)

I head West

After a long day of classes

Only to stop by the side of the woods

To watch the leaves fall


How many did you get?