Project #1: Time of Day

This is my first project for ARS 281: Time of Day. Unfortunately I forgot to take note of some of the camera settings (opps!!), I guess I’m still not used to things yet… The one thing I could change, is some of the times for which I took the photos, and perhaps made sure I took the photos on days with similar weather/cloud cover. Otherwise, I’m quite happy with how everything turned out.

Early Morning (6??) (1/30s f/7.1 ISO 1600)

Mid Morning (6:56 AM) (1/100s f/11 ISO 800)

High Noon (12:40 PM) (1/1600s f/14 ISO 800)

Early Afternoon (2:04 PM)

Mid Afternoon (5:32 PM) (1/100s f/11 ISO 800)

Dusk (7:00 PM) (1/160s f/6.3 ISO 100)

Night (10:51 PM) (1/8s f/4 ISO 3200)