Project #2: Still Life- Landscape

These photos were taken in a greenhouse. Part 1 is my camera study, which contains similar photos that are taken with various camera settings, so that I could see what the different settings can do. Part 2 is a collection of photos that reflects my individual vision of the greenhouse and still life photography. Part 3 is about a landscape photographer that inspired me.

Part 1: Camera Study Images

I. Exposure-

Overexposure Greenhouse 0527 (1/100s f/14 ISO 1600)

Correct Exposure Greenhouse 0523 (1/125s f/16 ISO 800)

Underexposure Greenhouse 0526 (1/160s f/18 ISO 400)


Highest ISO Greenhouse 0524 (1/125s f/16 ISO 25600)

Lowest ISO Greenhouse 0525 (1/125s f/16 ISO 100)

III. White Balance

Correct White Balance Greenhouse 0529 (1/125s f/10 ISO 1600) Direct Sunlight

Incorrect White Balance Greenhouse 0530 (1/125s f/10 ISO 1600) Incandescent

Incorrect White Balance Greenhouse 0533 (1/125s f/10 ISO 1600) Cool-White Fluorescent

IV. Depth of Field

Shallow Depth of Field (Wide Aperture) Greenhouse 0540 (1/50s f/5.6 ISO 200)

Deep Depth of Field (Narrow Aperture) Greenhouse 0542 (1/50s f/16 ISO 1600)

V. Shutter Speed

Fast Shutter Speed Greenhouse 0545 (1/2500s f/8 ISO 1600)

Slow Shutter Speed Greenhouse 0546 (1/80s f/10 ISO 100)

VI. Angle of View

Standard Angle of View Greenhouse 0552 (1/125s f/13 ISO 800)

Alternative Angle of View Greenhouse 0551 (1/80s f/13 ISO 800)

Part 2: Photo Series

Greenhouse 0555 (1/125s f/13 ISO 1600)

Greenhouse 0557 (1/125s f/13 ISO 1600)

Greenhouse 0562 (1/125s f/8 ISO 800)

Greenhouse 0563 (1/125s f/8 ISO 800)

Greenhouse 0564 (1/125s f/8 ISO 800)

ThGreenhouse 0572 (1/100s f/9 ISO 1600)Part 3: Janelle Lynch

These beautiful photos are all taken by Janelle Lynch for her monograph Another Way of Looking at Love. They are all absolutely stunning, and they truly inspire me to take more landscape/nature photos.

Seeing Anew by Janelle Lynch

Summer Wreaths by Janelle Lynch

Wonder by Janelle Lynch