Project #3: Portraiture

Part 1 is a Color Portrait study, where my classmate and I interviewed each other and created a photo based on our impression of each other. Part 2 is a selection of 3 self portraits, Part 3 is a selection of portraits of other people, Part 4 is a selection of portraits of people I don’t know (but asked to photograph). Finally Part 5 is a selection of works from a portrait photographer that inspires me.


Portraits can be fun to to take, but difficult at the same time. I find it’s a but awkward to just take a photo of a person, after all we all know what people look like. What really makes a portrait interesting is that the photographer has to put in some thought into the photo. I can’t just take portraits willy nilly, and expect to have good photos. I need to plan and at the very least consider how I can make it an interesting shot, like unusual subject matter/concept or angle. I personally don’t think I will continue to take traditional portraits, I definitely want to be a bit more abstract with my portraits, so something like the color portraits, or taking photos at interesting angles, or parts of people you don’t really think about.

I. Color Portrait

Mitva (1/3800s f/1.8 ISO 125)

Kira (1/60s f/6.3 ISO 200)

II. Self Portrait

Me (35) (1/1250s f/5.6 ISO 400)

Me 0630 2 (1/40s f/8 ISO 800)

Me 0600 (1/60s f/6.3 ISO 400)

III. Portraits of People

You 0605 (1/40s f/6.3 ISO 800)

You 0609 (1/40s f/6.3 ISO 400)

You 0610 (1/40 f/6.3 ISO 800)

IV. Portrait of Strangers

Other 0636 (1/400s ISO 800 f/8)

Other 0639 (1/400 f/5 ISO 800)

V. Nicholas Nixon

These photos are taken by Nicholas Nixon.

Nicholas Nixon, Self (19), Brookline, 2009

Nicholas Nixon, ‘Self, Brookline’, 2016

Nicholas Nixon, ‘Self, Brookline’, 2016