Who am I?

Abejar, LouieHi there. You’ve probably reached this page after browsing the BME department website.

Anyway, I’m Louie and I’m currently a first-year graduate student (M.S.) with the Department of Biomedical Engineering here at Stony Brook University. For about as long as I can remember, I’ve had a pretty broad interest in the sciences and had a desire to work in some sort of STEM-related field. Over time, this desire solidified and upon entering college I decided to focus on a career in engineering. I received my B.E. in Biomedical Engineering in 2014 and have since decided to further my education by pursuing an advanced degree in the same discipline to expand the knowledge I could bring to my future career. After graduating with my M.S., I have hopes of working in the areas of medical device design, testing, or manufacture with an emphasis on research. My key interests in the field are in the mechanics and development of implantable orthopedic and cardiovascular medical devices.

Outside of my career interests, I also enjoy frequently building scale models. As an engineering student, I appreciate the kind of work put in by the designers in planning the layout and fitment of all the pieces of any given model kit. Not only that, but I find the sort of methodical assembling of pieces to be a very therapeutic and almost relaxing experience compared to that of my other hobbies. Aside from model kits, I also like to go out and play airsoft (as well as modifying my equipment) or mountain biking whenever it is that I manage to find the spare time to do so.

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