Prospective Students

Research underway at the MADL includes shellfish ecology, ecological physiology, shellfish adaptation to climate change (ocean acidification, change in temperature and salinity regimes), and pathology and immunology, and employs a wide range of techniques and approaches (field studies, genomics, cell and molecular biology). Please read carefully the information available on the various pages of this website and contact Bassem Allam for more information.

Current Students

Graduate Students

Sabrina Geraci-Yeesabrina
Sabrina received a B.S. with honors in Marine Vertebrate Biology from Stony Brook University (SBU) and began her Ph.D. studies at SoMAS in Fall 2011 under the supervision of Dr. Jackie Collier. She is now working under the joint advisement of Dr. Collier and Dr. Bassem Allam. Sabrina’s research focuses on the distribution and dynamics of pathogenic and nonpathogenic labyrinthulomycetes (fungus-like protists), using Quahog Parasite Unknown (QPX) as a model opportunistic pathogen to investigate how virulence of opportunistic pathogens impacts their ecology. In particular, she is using molecular diagnostic tools to perform a large scale survey of QPX disease in clams and the QPX organism in the environment of various areas across Long Island, in order to identify potential reservoirs of QPX and seasonal changes in prevalence and/or abundance related to environmental conditions and disease prevalence and intensity in clam hosts. Her research also includes understanding QPX transmission and QPX within the context of the broader ecology of the labyrinthulomycetes community, as well as the identification of potential virulence factors through comparative genomics.

michelleMichelle Barbosa 

Michelle has been working with Allam throughout her undergraduate career (since Fall 2014) on various projects dealing with host-pathogen interactions in bivalves. These included research targeting the identification of genetic markers associated with clam resistance to QPX and molecular processes involved in the survival of intracellular parasites (Perkinsus marinus) in oyster blood cells. After completing her B.S. in spring 2017, she continued at the MADL as a MS student where she is currently interested in understanding the mechanisms (energetic, epigenetic and genetic) underlying acclimation and adaptation processes to ocean acidification in oysters.

Caroline Schwaner

Caroline has just started her second year as a PhD student. She comes to the MADL with B.S. from Emory University and an M.S. degree from Duke University. Caroline is interested in understanding how environmental stress in general, and ocean acidification in particular, affects bivalve physiological processes. She is particularly intrigued by trade-offs between different physiological functions (e.g. feeding physiology, immunity and resistance to infections, etc.) in clams and oysters in the face of ocean acidification.

Christopher Brianik: more details soon

Raymond Czaja: more details soon

Undergraduate Student: Undergraduate internships are available contact Bassem Allam for more information.

Prior Students

Graduate students

Yuk-Ting (Joyce) Lau, 2017
Kailai Wang, 2016
Rachel Hartman, 2016
Soren Dahl, 2015
Ewelina Rubin, 2014
Mickael Perrigault, 2010
Margaret Mars, 2010
Sarah Winnicki, 2010
Qianqian Liu, 2010
Jesse Hornstein, 2010
Margaret Homerding, 2009
Wade Carden, 2007
Deenie Bugge, 2006
Hua Qian, 2004

Undergraduate students
Nancy Wei (Undergraduate intern, Northweastern University, Summer 2015)
Bianca Santos, SBU, 2012-2014
Anna Hollembeak, SBU, 2013-2014
Samantha Rogers, SBU, 2013
Laura Gambino, Gettysburg College, 2012
Lauren Sussman, SBU, 2010-2012
Ciera Rhodes, Wilson College, 2011-2012
Nashwa Khalil, SBU, 2007-2008
Brian Rosenstock, SBU, 2008
Ryan Maloney, SBU, 2006
Yuk-Ting Lau, SBU, 2004-2006
Monica Chu, MIT, 2006
Jason Havelin, SBU, 2005

High school interns

Julie Jones (Pembroke Hill high school, Kansas City, MO, summer 2017)
Peter Connors(The Harker School, Can Jose, CA, summer 2017)
Anya Pawar (Half Hollow Hills Central School, NY, Summer 2016)
Hannah Ritter (Half Hollow Hills Central School, NY, Summer 2016)
Brittany Ma (Great Neck High School, NY, 2014)
Sumi Varghese (Brentwood High School, NY, 2013)
Adrian Kim (Port Washington High School, NY, 2012)
Meghana Reddy (JFK Plainview High School, NY, 2012)
Laura Gambino (Miller Place High School, NY,  2010)
Richard Grove (Port Washington High School, NY, 2009)
Dahlia Hassan (Port Washington High School, NY, 2009)
Michael Loiacono (Ward Melville High School, East Setauket, NY, 2008)
Bryan Tan (SBU’s sponsored Simons fellowship program, East Islip High School, NY, 2008)
Chuan Hao Chen (SBU’s sponsored Simons fellowship program, Manhasset High School, NY, 2007)
Sophia Christides (JFK High School, Plainview, 2007)
Alexandra Hay (Jericho High School, Long Island, USA, 2006)
Brandon Moss (JFK High School, Plainview, NY, USA, 2004)

Students publications, including those of high school and undergraduate interns, can be viewed by visiting the PUBLICATIONS page.