We are the Stony Brook Math Club. Meetings are at 7:00PM every Wednesday in Math Tower room P-131.

We have talks by mathematicians and non-mathematicians (Here for a list of previous talks and here for recorded talks), interactive math discussions, problem solving, math show&tell (your favorite math), Picnics, and many other activities.

Putnam preparation, LaTex Workshops, reading groups, and study sessions are other activities that we have here.
For any questions or suggestions, email us at sbumathclub(at)gmail(dot)com and/or Join us on our Facebook group.

Advisor: Professor Moira Chas

E-Board (2019-2020)

  • President: Julian Michele
  • Vice President: Ajmain Yamin
  • Treasurer: Maziar Farahzad
  • Secretary: Marc Calza

E-Board (2018-2019)

  • President: Brandon Gontmacher
  • Vice President: Hindy Drillick
  • Treasurer: Maziar Farahzad
  • Secretary: Julian Michele

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