This is Math Club’s library located at room 5-127 of Math Tower. Access to the library is only provided by the E-Board members. Math Club’s library is not related to the “Math, Physics and Astronomy Library”.

Math Club’s Books

Name Author Status

Elementary Analysis, The Theory of Calculus (2nd Ed.)

Kenneth A. Ross

Principles of Mathematical Analysis (3rd Ed.)

Walter Rudin
Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (2 copies) Abbott, Edwin A.
Complex Analysis Ahlfors, Lars V.
Combinatorial Topology Alexandrov, P.S.
Algebra Artin, Michael
Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces Banchoff, Thomas and Lovett, Stephen
Mathematical Fallacies, Flaws, and Flimflam Barbeau, Edward J.

Partial Differential Equations

Bers, Lipman; John, Fritz; and Schechter, Martin

Algebra Bourbaki, N.
Mathematical Fallacies and Paradoxes Bunch, Bryan
Model Theory Chang, C.C. and Keisler, H.J.
The Art of Logic in an Illogical World Cheng, Eugenia
Introduction to General Relativity, Black Holes and Cosmology Choquet-Bruhat, Yvonne
On Quaternions and Octonions Conway, John and Smith, Derek A.
The Music of the Primes du Sautoy, Marcus
Abstract Algebra Dummit, David S. and Foote, Richard M.
The Calculus Gallery Dunham, William
An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning Eccles, Peter J.
How Not to be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking Ellenberg, Jordan
The Number Devil Enzensberger, Hans Magnus
Euclid’s Elements Euclid, ed. Heath, Thomas
Mathematical Circles (Russian Experience) Fomin, D., I. Itenberg, and S. Genkin
Complex Analysis 2: Riemann Surfaces, Several Complex Variables, Abelian Functions, Higher Modular Functions Freitag, Eberhard
Vibrations and Waves French, A.P.
Hello World: Being Human in the Age of Algorithms Fry, Hannah
The Colossal Book of Mathematics: Classic Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Problems Gardner, Martin
Origami, Eleusis, and the Soma Cube: Martin Gardners Mathematical Diversions Gardner, Martin
Sphere Packing, Lewis Carroll and Reversi Gardner, Martin
Hexaflexagons, Probability Paradoxes, and the Tower of Hanoi: Martin Gardners First Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Games Gardner, Martin
The Unexpected Hanging and Other Mathematical Diversions Gardner, Martin
The Arrow Book of Brain Teasers Gardner, Martin
Mathematics Magic and Mystery Gardner, Martin
Mathematical Magic Show Gardner, Martin
New Mathematical Conversations from Scientific American Gardner, Martin
Mathematical Carnival Gardner, Martin
Sixth Book of Mathematical Games from Scientific American Gardner, Martin
Counterexamples in Analysis Gelbaum, Bernard R. and Olmsted, John M. H.
Algebra Gelfand, Israel
Functions and Graphs Gelfand, Israel
The Method of Coordinates Gelfand, Israel and Kirillov, A.A.
Trigonometry Gelfand, Israel and Saul, M.
p-adic Numbers Gouvea, Fernando Q.
Thoughtful Writing Hammond, Gene
The Man Who Loved Only Numbers: The Story of Paul Erdos and the Search for Mathematical Truth Hoffman, Paul
Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid Hofstadter, Douglas
Geometry Jacobs, Harold R.
Mathematics, A Human Endeavor: A Textbook for Those who Think They Don’t Like the Subject Jacobs, Harold R.
Elementary Algebra Jacobs, Harold R.
A Teacher’s Guide to Elementary Algebra Jacobs, Harold R.
Basic Algebra I Jacobson, Nathan
Probability Essentials Jacod, Jean and Protter, Phillip
General Topology Kelley, John L.
Kiselev’s Geometry / Book I. Planimetry Kiselev, A and Alexander Givental
Introduction to Complex Analysis Kodaira, K.
Principles of Financial Engineering Kosowski, Robert and Salih Neftci
Differential Geometry Kreyszig, Erwin
Herbert Robbins Selected Papers Lai, T.L. and Siegmund, D.
Elements of Pure and Applied Mathematics Lass, Harry
Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Teachers’ Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United States Liping Ma
Measurement Lockhart, Paul
Beautiful Geometry Maor, Eli and Jost, Eugen
Statistical Mechanics and the Foundations of Thermodynamics Martin-Lof, A.
Topology Munkres, James R.
Gödel’s Proof Nagel, Ernest and James Newman
Riddles in Mathematics: A Book of Paradoxes Northrop, Eugene P.
Math with Bad Drawings: Illuminating the Ideas That Shape Our Reality Orlin, Ben
Geometry: A Comprehensive Course Pedoe, Dan
Maxims and Minims Rose, Nicholas J. and de Pillis, John
Introduction to Analysis Rosenlicht, Maxwell
Elementary Analysis Ross, Kenneth A.
Principles of Mathematical Analysis (2 copies) Rudin, Walter
Real and Complex Analysis Rudin, Walter
Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy Russell, Bertrand
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Calculus Spivak, Michael
Counterexamples in Topology Steen, Lynn Arthur and Seebach Jr., J. Arthur
Mathematics and its History Stillwell, John
Set Theory and Logic Stoll, Robert
Counterexamples in Probability Stoyanov, Jordan M.
The Joy of X “Strogatz, Steven
Introduction to Logic and the Methodology of Deductive Sciences Tarski, Alfred
Calculus Made Easy Thompson, Silvanus P.
Fourier Series Tolstov, Georgi P.
Applied Combinatorics (2 copies) Tucker, Alan
A Source Book in Mathematics, 1200-1800 van Struik, Dirk
A Concise History of Mathematics van Struik, Dirk
An Introduction to Lebesgue Integration and Fourier Series Wilcox, Howard J. and Myers, David L.
Multivariable Mathematics Williamson and Trotter

Understanding Numbers in Elementary School Mathematics

Wu, Hung-Hi