Problem Solving

3 Problems of the Week

Three problems for each week. We encourage you to email us your solutions, or present it at the club meeting after the week the problems are posted on.
The problems are selected to be accessible to almost everyone.


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Week 15 (pdf) 09/11/19
Week 14 (pdf) 09/04/19
Week 13 (pdf) 08/28/19
No new problems for this week (Prof.Berger’s Talk) 03/27/19
Week 12, Pi day special (pdf) 03/13/19
Week 11 (pdf) 03/06/19
No new problems for this week (Prof. Bonifant’s talk)
Week 10 (pdf) 02/20/19
Week 9 (pdf) 02/13/19
Week 8 (pdf) 02/06/19
Week 7 (pdf) 11/14/18
Week 6 (pdf) 11/08/18
Week 5 (pdf) 10/31/18
Week 4 (pdf) 10/10/18
Week 3 (pdf) 10/03/18
Week 2 (pdf)
Week 1 (pdf)


Some problem solving resources

There are usually inequality related problems on math contests. This (pdf) is a nice document for learning and practicing them.