Welcome to the McElroy Laboratory of Aquatic Toxicology!

Our research broadly focuses on how aquatic organisms interact with toxic chemicals in their environment. Specifically we are interested in how organisms accumulate and metabolize organic contaminants, and how they respond to such exposure at the cellular, biochemical, physiological and behavioral levels. Due to the complexity of the systems addressed almost all our work in done in collaboration with other investigators at Stony Brook and other universities.

Current projects include: 

1) Biological, environmental and anthropogenic factors that influence survival and growth of young-of-the-year winter flounder in Long Island bays

2) Effects of neuroactive pharmaceuticals on behavior and brain function in early life stage fishes and the effectiveness of different advanced sewage treatment technologies to reduce release and potential impacts of these compounds.

3) Bioaccumulation and potential effects of persistent organic contaminants and methyl mercury in elasmobranchs.


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