About Me



My name is Mike Stinson. I’m currently a Graduate student at Stony Brook University studying biomedical ¬†engineering.

My interests in human health related research emerges from the fact that while convenient and flashy technology is advancing fast, the limits to human health, quality of life, and life span are not currently exploited to their full potential. Living in clean, orderly environments has increased the human life span drastically due to less common spread of disease. However, age related diseases and particularly hearty pathogens have been a large concern toward bettering quality of life and increasing human lifespan. Increasing convenience through technology is great, but increasing human life span and quality of life through technology is much more interesting to me.

I began my studies as an engineering science student at Dutchess Community College. As I gained interest in engineering, my focus on the specific field turn to biomedical engineering because of my interests in biology. That lead me to Stony Brook University where I continued my studies in biomedical engineering. During my time in undergrad, I refined my skills in research by working in a neurology lab developing algorithms in real time EEG analysis. During the summer, I interned at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory working on developing algorithms for data analysis involving an in-vitro Chip Based Human Investigation Platform (iCHIP) to help better understand how neurons react when subjected to different substances.


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