Attached are the bulletins from May 8th.  There are two – the first one is from the 2 pm meeting and the second one is from the 5 pm meeting.  Should you have any difficulties viewing any of the presentation pages, please contact Kim Knoll.

Please note that Tuesday, July 10th has been cancelled.  The focal point of the July 10th meeting was the MRIP data, which unfortunately is not yet available. The MRIP discussion will pick up at the September meeting.  Please remember the day and date were changed to accommodate the representative from MRIP.  The day/date is Monday, September 24th – 2:00 p.m.DEC Offices.

MRAC Bulletin – May 8, 2018 2pm
MRAC Bulletin – May 8, 2018 5pm

TEDs May 8 – 2018
5-8-2018 MRAC BSB draftII

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