Agenda – MRAC Meeting

  • Public Comment
  • Approval of Minutes for March 26, 2019 meeting
  • Brief update on Commercial Licensing Review (George LaPointe Report)
  • ASMFC, MAFMC and Species Updates
    • Striped Bass (note: information only, we do not foresee decisions or votes will be made)
      • ASMFC discussions/actions
    • Jonah Crab
      • Status of rule making
    • Summer Flounder
      • ASMFC vote on commercial Summer Flounder issues amendment (re-allocation)
      • Commercial Fluke winter period multi-state limits program
    • Scup
      • Recreational rule change
      • Weekly Scup program update
  • Update on Striped Bass PCB study
  • Legislative review (postponed from April)
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