Bruker Innova Atomic Force Microscope

2014-02-14 15.08.40

Bruker Innova Atomic Force Microscope includes:

  • stacked piezo XY and Z scanners with resolutions as high as <0.02 and <0.01 nm, respectively
  • high precision XYZ motorized stage
  • optical AFM head for contact, tapping, lateral force, and phase imaging AFM and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM)
  • optical AFM head for co-localization and tip-enhanced Raman scattering (TERS), improving Raman spatial resolution to <20 nm in XY and Raman scattering efficiency by >1,000-fold
  • on-axis optical microscope with high-resolution (HR) video camera
  • Trackball-guided motorized AFM optical coupler to Renishaw spectrometer that includes separate video optics, Raman interface IRIS software, a long working distance 60x objective for off-axis illumination of the AFM probe tip (~60° to probe axis) and collection of Raman scattered emissions.
  • Special AFM-TERS package – tuning fork cartridge and Au-wire probes for non-conducting samples (biologicals and organic polymers)
  • liquid MicroCell for aqueous AFM measurements
  • NanoDrive control and NanoScope Image Analysis software

123.jpgAFM images (left to right: height, tapping amplitude and 3D topography) of dual-phase polymer film acquired in tapping mode

 SN018_Tip#1Image of a gold TERS tip engaging the sample surface and its reflection obtained by video camera in Renishaw optical coupler to the AFM.