About Me


I am currently enrolled in Stony Brook University as a Biomedical Engineering major with a specialization in biomechanics and biomaterials. I have been accepted into the accelerated BE/MS program and am taking graduate level courses alongside my senior courses.

Entering college I was a little hesitant about what to major in as I was both interested in engineering and medicine, to be a doctor or an engineer was my question. However, when I stumbled upon BME here at Stony Brook, I had finally found my answer. This was the field that manages to bridge the gap between my two interests.

I have tried to learn more and contribute at any time I am able. During my winter and summer breaks, I would go volunteer in a BME/Orthopedics Lab at SUNY Downstate in order to better myself. I have extended this mindset to my normal school year as during the fall semester of my senior year at Stony Brook, I enrolled into a lab here dealing specifically with biomechanics.

In the future, I hope to either be involved in research or work in industry. Either way, those two paths will allow me to help society with my findings or my inventions. As of right now, I don’t know¬†which path I’m leaning towards but all thats left is to see what opportunities present themselves.