NYMSC Annual Conference 2012
22 September 2012
Wang Conference Center
Stony Brook University

The Consortium’s 2012 Annual Meeting will be held at the Wang Conference Center of Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York on Saturday, 22 September 2012.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Bureau of Marine Resources has asked the NYMSC to assist with a review of the ecosystem-based management research priorities outlined in the federal Ocean Action Plan as they relate to the New York Bight. The meeting will be an organized response to this request.

Thirty years ago, in 1982, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration concluded its Marine Ecosystem Analysis (MESA) Project in the New York Bight. The meeting in September affords the Consortium an opportunity to revisit many of the original ecosystem issues, and to help shape priorities of the future research agenda while fostering EBM for New York State and its marine resources.

The format of the meeting will be different than usual. A morning of presentations will be followed by several breakout sessions focusing on the New York Ecosystem Based Research Priorities. The meeting organizers are seeking volunteers from among the Consortium’s member institutions to serve as facilitators at the four afternoon workshops. “White papers” will be generated from the workshop discussions and eventually compiled into a final New York Bight Research Priorities Report. This will be provided to NYSDEC to help address Priority #4, Policy, Stewardship and Governance to aid in the development of the 5-year Ocean Action Plan.

September 22 2012 Conference Agenda

Conference Talks

Talk # 1 Matt Gove, NYSDEC – The DEC charge to NYMSC

Talk # 2 Larry Swanson, SoMAS – History of issues and research in the New York Bight

Talk # 3 John Marra, Brooklyn College – Nutrients in the New York Bight

Talk # 4 Karl Szekielda, Hunter College – Algal bloom detection by remote sensing

Talk # 5 Charlie Flagg, SoMAS – Water column structure from ships of opportunity

Talk # 6 Mike Frisk, SoMAS – Tracking sturgeon

Talk # 7 Doug Ofiara, Rutgers University – The New York Bight 25 years later: Use impairments and policy challenges

Talk # 8 Christa Farmer, Hofstra – When the NY Bight meets land: Paleotempestology on Long Island

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