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Designed for You

SB You is a platform that lets you quickly, easily, and professionally publish on the web. No matter how you use SB You, your site is going to be great. Create a single site or make as many as you want. With the power of the WordPress publishing platform behind it, we know great things will be happening. We are so excited to see how you use SB You.

Mobile Native

Because we know that you are on the go, SB You was designed with mobile in mind. There is no need for special apps, just log into your SB You Dashboard using your mobile device’s browser and get started. So no matter where you are you can create, collect, and share what you want.

Be Featured

We want to see what you do with SB You! Share your site with us to be featured here and get noticed by the community.

Your Site. Your Identity.

Each site is controlled by your SBU NetID, so you can use your space to build a killer portfolio, an intriguing blog, a site for your club, class, organization, lab, department, or really just about anything. It is simple to own it yourself or to add additional authors to any of your SB You sites.

Get Help!

Start with SB You Help or better yet, join the SB You Yammer group.

Flexible Themes

Our SB You themes are so flexible and can fit your unique needs.

On the Go

With browser-based site management you can create and share while on the move.

SB You Voices

Discover what we are saying by exploring common tags and categories.

Look Like You Want

With our ever-expanding selection of themes, SB You gives you control over how your site looks. If you want to share the look of a Stony Brook website, we have themes for that. If you want to stand out in the crowd, we have you covered there as well. Changing your theme is as easy as clicking a button.


Focus on content, not websites.

With WordPress as the core publishing engine, SB You allows you to spend your time creating your online identity not in managing websites.

Latest SB You News

Read what is going on with SB You and stay up to date with what we are working on.

SB You Voices

Discover what is being said across SB You by looking at the category and tag pages. These pages show the trending and most commonly used tags and categories across all public SB You sites. What this means is that we have a way of seeing what we are all saying on any...

SB You and Jetpack

The WordPress Jetpack suite of services is now available on SB You. What that means is that with a single plugin your SB You site can do a whole bunch of new things. The one thing to keep in mind is that once you activate the plugin you have to connect it to a free...

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