Ryan G. Parsons, Ph.D. – Principal Investigator









Ryan received his B.S from the University of North Dakota and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  He was a post-doctoral researcher at Emory University prior to joining the Integrative Neuroscience group in the Department of Psychology at Stony Brook University.

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Amanda Russo, B.S. – Ph.D. Student









I am currently a PhD student in the Integrative Neuroscience program at Stony Brook University where I study the neurobiological mechanisms underlying long-term memory formation. Because it is known that poor ability to extinguish a conditioned fear response underlies fear-based psychopathologies such as posttraumatic stress disorder, I use a Pavlovian fear conditioning paradigm to delineate the neural mechanisms involved in the learning and recall of fear extinction. I am specifically interested in understanding how activation of the circuits involved in extinction differs among rats with different extinction phenotypes. I am currently investigating connections among areas of the brain such as the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, the basolateral amygdala, and the infralimbic cortex using retrograde tracers and chemogenetic tools to attempt to understand what makes some individuals worse at extinguishing fear than others. Identification of such differences can help to provide targets for the treatment of fear-based disorders.



Kehinde Cole – PhD. Student



Undergraduate Research Assistants

Dahae Jun