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Private Investigator FAQ

Are Private Investigators Legal?

Yes, private investigators are legally allowed to conduct investigatory services when hired by an individual or other entity. Typically, private investigators run background checks, are utilized for their surveillance expertise, and hired by corporations/insurance companies to investigate fraud.


What are Private Investigators Allowed to Do?

Private investigators are allowed to provide services to the public under the laws governed by their state and issued in accordance with their state’s licensing laws. Regarding services, private investigators usually provide surveillance, background check, and online social media investigation services. Depending on the state, they may have access to databases the public is not privy to.


Why would a Private Investigator Be Looking for Me?

A private investigator may be looking for you for a number of reasons. They may have been hired to investigate you specifically or you maybe important to a particular case they are working on.


Can Private Investigators Carry Guns?

Depending on the state, private investigators can carry firearms.


Do Private Investigators Carry Guns?

Some do yes do to the nature of the work they are involved with.


Is Hiring a Private Investigator Legal?

Hiring a private investigator is legal.


Do Private Investigators Have Badges?

No, private investigators typically do not have badges.


Do Private Investigators Work with Police?

Occasionally, private investigators do work closely with police officers to solve investigations. Many private investigators were formerly ex-police officers or military.


Are Private Investigators Cops?

Private investigators are not cops, but some may have been prior to receiving their PI license.


Are Private Investigators Expensive?

Depending on the state, location, and type of service, private investigators can be very expensive. Typically they charge by the hour, gas, mileage and for the tools they use to solve investigations.


Can Private Investigators Retrieve Text Messages?

No, they cannot retrieve text messages if their client is not the owner of the phone or the one paying the phone bill.


Can Private Investigators Track Cell Phones?

No, they cannot track cell phones if their client is not the owner of the phone or the one paying the phone bill. However, GPS tracking on vehicles maybe a service they can provide.


Does a Private Investigator Need a License?

Depending on the state, all private investigators need a license to practice.