Recent Papers

Choi, H.-Y.*, Kensinger, E.A., & Rajaram, S. (in press). Mnemonic transmission, social contagion, and emergence of collective memory: Influence of emotional valence, group structure, and information distribution. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. (view)


Rajaram S., & Maswood R.* (in press). Collaborative Memory: A Selective Review of Data and Theory. In: John H. Byrne (ed.) Learning and Memory: A Comprehensive Reference (2nd edition). Oxford: Academic Press.


Szekely, A.*, Rajaram, S., & Mohanty, A. (in press). Context Learning for Threat Detection. Cognition and Emotion. (view)



Luhmann, C.C., & Rajaram, S. (2015). Memory Transmission in Small Groups and Large Networks: An Agent-Based Model. Psychological Science, 26, 1909-1917.(view)