Emotion and Memory

Social Memory & Cognition Lab  Ι  Department of Psychology

Our current work on this theme focuses on the following topics:

  • Context learning and emotional memory
  • Autobiographical memory content
  • Memory accuracy versus social contagion for emotional information


* Graduate student author

Representative Publications:

Szekely, A.*, Rajaram, S., & Mohanty, A. (in press).  Context Learning for Threat Detection.  Cognition and Emotion. 

Kensinger, E., Choi, H.-Y.*, Murray, B.*, & Rajaram, S. (in press). How social interactions affect emotional memory accuracy: Evidence from collaborative retrieval and social contagion paradigms. Memory & Cognition.

Choi, H.-Y.*, Kensinger, E., & Rajaram, S. (2013). Emotional content enhances true but not false memory for categorized stimuli. Memory & Cognition, 41, 403-415.View

Conference Presentations:

Szekely, A.*, Rajaram, S., & Mohanty, A. (May, 2015). Preferential contextual learning for threat detection. Posted presented at the Association for Psychological Science Convention, New York, NY.

Szekely, A.*, Rajaram, S., & Mohanty, A. (March, 2015). Contextual Learning and Threat Detection. Posted presented at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting, New York, NY.

Choi, H.-Y.*, Kensinger, E. A., & Rajaram, S. (2011, November). The influence of emotional valence on true and false memory. Poster presented at the Psychonomic Society, 52nd annual meeting, Seattle, WA.