The Things that Touch me

 “The Things that Touch me” is telling the story of different cultures and shows how beautiful and fragile they are. The protections for cultural heritage are not set in stone, and we’ve seen cultural destruction throughout history. People are the guardian of a culture, when they do not exist in it any more, their cultural identity can be easily lost. This series of work also has a narrative of how wars and foreign interventions can interfere with and interrupt in the natural development of nations. Defeated and invaded nations do not just lose their land, peace, and treasures; they also lose their history and their culture.


Installation View 2017, Alloway Gallery, Stony Brook. Photo by Jasna Boudard


Encompass, Watercolor on Paper, 24 X 35 inches Photo by Jasna Boudard

Circles, Watercolor on paper

Touching, Watercolor on Paper

Touching, Watercolor on Paper, 24 X 35 inches


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