Nobuho Nagasawa

Nobuho Nagasawa

Nobuho Nagasawa

Transformation and Resilience, 2020, store front plywood

Transformation and Resilience, 506 Broadway, New York. Video: Jake Price.

White cicadas represent the 17-year life cycle of cicadas emerging from the earth this summer. Spiraling outward, they represent the different stages of their transformation from nymphs to adults spreading their wings to fly and sing symbolizing resilience, survival, ephemerality, and the cycle of life.

June 20th was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. This made it possible to work from 8 am to 9 pm. At the end of the day, a total of 109 cicadas were swarming in three SoHo locations, sending a hopeful message of the resurrection of New York City.

Hundred and eight is a number of times a gong is stuck at midnight throughout the Buddhist temples in Japan on New Year’s Eve. Each ring represents one of 108 temptations a person must overcome to attain a better life. There is no “going back to normal.” Adding one extra cicada, a total of 109 is an indication for all to move forward. Note the tall white giraffe with a black mask on Bloomingdale’s show window. The tag says “safety is always in style.”

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Transformation and Resilience, 506 Broadway, New York.
Photo above: Teri Henry. Photos below: Jake Price.