There was a particular scene in the video where the narrator was speaking about the evolution of organisms and while that was playing in the background, the video of a man opening drawers and drawers and drawers of preserved birds and the pages of a book with pictures of animals being turned in the background was one of the most effective parts of the video. This was mainly because the narrator was mentioning a specific order in which organisms came into being and although the drawers only showed more and more birds the opening of the drawers created the visual image of what was being spoken. Unlike most other parts of the video where piecing the images to make sense with the narrative was quite a challenge, this specific scene made perfect sense to me. Another very effective scene was the use of a naked woman and male and placing them in the center alongside body parts of other human figures (i.e., artifacts) while the narrator was talking about the evolution of human beings. As humans we are curious to make sense out of everything we see and when these random pictures and videos were placed together, my natural instinct was to try to piece the pictures together to make sense with regards to the underlying bigger picture. One last thing I found that was very interesting was the use of certain imagery in the video that would otherwise make people feel uncomfortable or would be critiqued as inappropriate was very suitable in relation to the topic. Given the title of the artwork being the different myths behind the creation of the universe nudity was something that we were born with and in the context of evolution it seems to be accepted, yet we look down upon nudism like it is a sin today and it’s something that gets the audience thinking.

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