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Don’t Like Sushi? Try Kimbap

Jasmine is serving kimbap! But what makes it different from sushi? Well there’s two main differences…

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday and 12 Ways to Fight Stress

Introducing Wellness Ways on our blog and the first installment: 12 Ways to Fight Stress at Stony Brook.

Preparing for Finals

Worried about finding food during finals? Look no further! Campus dining will be hosting special events at night to help make it through your studying.

Comfort Food

What’s the deal with comfort food? What does it work the way it does, and what constitutes “comfort food”?

Native American Heritage Month at SBU

Guest chef, author, and historian, Lois Ellen Frank will join the SBU community to demonstrate and educate on Native American culinary dishes.

The Rush of the Kitchen

While Chef John also looked into nutrition and the more corporate side of the culinary discipline, he always returns to cooking.

The Best Dorm-Made Hot Cocoa

What is the best way to make hot chocolate in your dorm? I tried three different methods to see which was the easiest, tastiest, and best.


It’s midterms, the weather is getting dreary, and it’s dessert month. What other excuses do you need?

What is Diwali, and why are we celebrating?

While Hinduism is considered a religion, it is also has a radiant culture– from holidays to foods to ways of dressing. Either way, Diwali usually includes forgiveness, unity, and personal inner reflection. In this sense, it is also a very personal celebration.

DYK: Açaí originated from Brazil

Most of you have probably already heard of the acai berry, whether from all the instagram posts, health blogs, or even the Starbucks Refresher drink.

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