About Me

Hello and welcome to my webpage! I am a Biomedical Engineering graduate student at Stony Brook University, with a specialization in medical physics. I grew up a classical musician, thinking that my career path would eventually involve music in some way or another. Life, however, never quite turning out how you’d expect, saw fit to equip me with the heart of a scientist. Having initially majored in music, I made the decision to transfer to Stony Brook for Biomedical Engineering in 2012, and I haven’t looked back since. I remain at Stony Brook, where I am completing the fifth and final year of a combined BE/MS program. Having found a comfy home in the lab of Dr. Wei Zhao, where I currently conduct research involving Monte Carlo simulations of digital x-ray detectors, I plan to transition into pursuing a PhD under her in the fall of 2017.

My ultimate goal is to attain a position as a clinical medical physicist, planning radiation therapy treatments in a hospital setting. Through Stony Brook’s CAMPEP-accredited medical physics program, I will be able to gain the certification allowing me to do so. Please feel free to check out my blog, as it will regularly be updated with interesting career happenings of mine.