About Me


Hi! I am Shambhavi Sharma and currently pursuing my Masters of Sciences in Biomedical Engineering with hope of getting transferred into Doctoral of Philosophy. The idea that my efforts may better someone’s life or help create an amiable planet motivates me. This motivation urged me to pursue research in the subject and explore opportunities in the fascinating world of research.

I seek to gain such knowledge which will help me to break out of the shortcomings hitherto observed in the field of bio-engineering and eventually come up with innovative and affordable ideas through objective research-ideas that not just help solve our toughest problems but enrich everyday lives.

Currently, I am working in the area of Biomechanics in a Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory at Department of Biomedical Engineering in Stony Brook University under the guidance of Dr. Mei Lin Chan in Dr. Clinton Rubin’s Lab. Presently, I am investigating the effects of Cocaine on bones.