Our mission is to create ways to improve the safety and sustainability of  our infrastructure.  We seek to create innovative yet practical solutions to keeping our urban environment healthy and reliable.

Sustainable Structures

The structures that we build represent an investment in society’s future. Designing new structures using the principals of sustainability and giving new life to old structures will help us create a better future.

Wireless Sensors

Structural Health Monitoring

Monitoring our structures helps us use limited financial resources to better maintain them and keep the public safe.

Research Team

Research is a team sport. We all work together to advance human knowledge and expand the possibilities of innovation.


We do research in order to share our findings and help others better understand our world.

About the Lab

Located in Stony Brook University, the SHUI Laboratory was founded in 2013.

Nelsy Badia presents poster at SUNY Faculty Senate meeting

The SUNY Faculty Senate held its winter plenary meeting on the campus of Stony Brook University January 21-23, 2016. During the Friday reception at the Simon’s Center, Nelsy Badia, a junior in the Sustainability and Health of Urban Infrastructure Laboratory, presented...

SHUI Lab students present posters at URECA Symposium

Three undergraduate researchers from the Sustainability and Health of Urban Infrastructure Laboratory presented posters at the URECA Celebration of Undergraduate Research & Creativity on April 29, 2015. They represented 75% of the civil engineering delegation to...

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